about me

Hey there!  I’m Christina, a college junior who doesn’t like to stay in the same place.  Like many university students, I dream of traveling the world.  Unlike many university students, I’m actually doing it!

I’m currently in the south of France, working on my language skills, planning excursions, and trying not to munch on another baguette… but we all know that last one is a hopeless endeavor.

It’s been said that travel changes you– and I know that’s true.  Once you start traveling, you never truly want to stop.  Sitting in a room and dreaming about the future won’t cut it for me… Instead, I’m going to live the best and most interesting life I can.  Sometimes it’ll be tough, sometimes it’ll be uncomfortable, but it’ll always be worth it.  In the end, I’ll have experiences no one can put a price on.

I’ll have lived a life of adventure.  You’re more than welcome to come along.

talk to me!

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